Central Reservation

Intuitive and user-friendly, booking reservations in SpaSoft is quick and efficient. From simple appointments to complex group bookings, SpaSoft uses your operational guidelines for booking priorities. This powerful booking engine makes allows for ease and efficiency in the reservations process in even the busiest operations. The SpaSoft Central Reservation module will book multiple appointments simultaneously, across all business centers from a central location.

    • Book complex packages with a few simple clicks
    • Book single a la carte activities, single day or multi-day packages for one guest or a group of guests simultaneously
    • Create or view guest notes, preferences, and staff comments while booking
    • Create standing appointments for regular guests
    • Prompts users with detailed descriptions about each activity, eliminating the need to reference a brochure or document to describe services to guests
    • Assists the user in solving booking conflicts with intelligent “conflict resolution”
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