What If?

At the 2013 Host Users Group Conference, the keynote speaker challenged the group to ask themselves, “What if?” Whether in business or personal life, he challenged the group to expand their self-imposed boundaries by asking “what if?”

Mike Rayburn Asks what if
When you ask this question, in a positive way, you really open up the possibilities. Even with our work life, and the hotel technologies that we work with every day, what if we asked ourselves, “what if?”

What if you were able to take advantage of all of the functionality available with your hotel property management system?

What if you had the time in your day to explore new ways of using your existing technology to reduce the amount of time you spent on complicated tasks or reporting?

What if you were able to invest in advanced training of your existing hotel software so that you could use it more efficiently and confidently?

What if you could start over with your system and configure it differently for your business?

What if everyone you worked with had as much knowledge of your hotel technology as you do?

What would it look like if we could do these things? How would it make our lives better, or the lives of our co-workers, or the job of management? As Mike says, “to do things you’ve never done, you’ve got to start by doing things you’ve never done.”

We are all capable of far more than we ever thought possible, and the same with our hotel software. It’s far more capable than we know, so “what if” we began changing that today.

Join the Host Users Group annual conference to see great speakers like Mike Rayburn, hotel technology experts, and peer hotel technology users from hotels and resorts around the world. This conference can open your eyes to the possibility and get you on your way to “What if?”