SMS|Host Enables Guest-Centric Personalization

Monitor-Host-GuestCentricAccessibility to guest information is the cornerstone of your success, so give your premium staff the best insight with a technology that powers exceptional service. With SMS|Host’s detailed and fully integrated guest profiles, you can automatically alert your staff to guest’s dietary needs, beverage preferences, allergy concerns and much, much more. Your staff can compile guest preferences in infinite detail resulting in truly memorable service experiences.

It’s easy to maintain great relations with your guests by managing confirmation and reminder letters, direct mail, follow-ups, announcements, special promotions, personalized offers and emails. For marketing purposes, you can track the source of every inquiry to help determine the best use of your marketing budget.

The quest to delight guests is a tireless one but, armed with the right tools, you can raise guest service to an art form. Your guests will swear you have extra sensory perception but, in reality, it’s SMS|Host — the technology that powers exceptional service and lets you exceed your guest’s expectations.

“In moving forward with SMS|Host, we found a PMS system that has continued to improve and provide the very best in Guest-Centric functionality for over 30 years.”Andrew Alkenbrack | General Manager | Cabot Links

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