SMS|Host Increases Resort Functionality

Managing complex resort activities with SMS|Host is easy! No matter what activity you offer, SMS|Host provides the premium technology to book, manage and provide exceptional service.

Fully-integrated itinerary management with the Booking Center


Golf Tee Times allows you to schedule and manage multiple golf courses. Graphic illustration of golf tee times allows pro shop staff to easily move golfers between time slots and courses to maximize use of facilities.

Golf Tee Times conveniently links your premium property’s golf facilities with your accommodations, enhancing your guests’ entire experience. The system automatically recognizes club members who book accommodations. It can also handle corporate and personal membership accounts; and it can maintain detailed profiles on golfing guests such as skill level, handicap and rental preferences. Users canceling room reservations are prompted to keep or cancel the guests’ tee time, recouping revenue and opening up slots for more players.

  • Easily move golfers between time slots and courses
  • Schedule is available to multiple people while still allowing the pros to maintain complete control
  • Members booking room reservations are immediately recognized
  • Handle corporate and personal membership accounts
  • Booking restrictions by type of user
  • Booking restrictions by type of guest
  • Guest profiles record the preferences, birth date, age, gender, ability and golf handicap of each member
  • Personal itinerary for each member
  • Users canceling room reservations are prompted to keep or cancel golf bookings


Third-party services are an added profit center. Make the booking and billing easy right from the front desk with the SMS|Activities module. Whether you want to sell balloon rides, hiking trips or white water rafting excursions, SMS|Activities lets you attach third-party services to reservations with tracking, charging, confirmation to the guest and accounting to your vendors. This is truly leveraging technology for exceptional service.

  • Attach third-party services to reservations using Package-on-the-Fly for automated billing
  • Maintain detailed information about each vendor
  • Maintain all historical information on both guests and vendors
  • Print brochure-like descriptions of services and instructions on itinerary and vouchers
  • Automate booking commissions by rate structure
  • Print Vendor Remittance Statements, checks and IRS Form 1099

Spa & Fitness Management solutions

Track and schedule the use of multiple recreational facilities and resources with the SMS|Spa/Resort Scheduling system. Fully integrated with SMS|Host’s Front Office and Point-of-Sale systems, SMS|Spa/Resort Scheduling will help you better manage your resort resources, employee and guest schedules for workouts, massages, tennis lessons, classes, transportation and much more. The system includes comprehensive employee commission tracking and reporting.

For more complex spa and activity management, SpaSoft provides robust spa management functionality and reporting and is fully interfaced with SMS|Host.

“Springer-Miller’s solutions will allow us to truly integrate all aspects of our resort, providing our guests with a better experience.”Chris Plummer | General Manager | Nemacolin Woodland Resort

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