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The success of any business can be directly related to the customer service your operation is able to provide. Tracking information on your client’s preferences and transactions can make certain that those clients return again.

SpaSoft‘s guest module tracks demographics on every client, as well as stores detailed transactional history. By tracking pertinent notes on medical history and preferences, you can be sure that everyone within your operation knows exactly what each guest needs and wants.

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SpaSoft Spa Management System empowers your business with the ability to schedule any number of activities, for any number of guests, over any period of time, simultaneously. With our Visual Book, you simply add, edit or delete reservations. The Visual Book displays color-coded appointments enabling you to view them by provider, facility or equipment. It also helps your staff recognize repeat guests immediately.

With easy access to activities, providers and guest profiles, SpaSoft has functions that we think you’ll find imperative to your operation such as appointment audit logs, a standard library of guest itineraries which may be printed, faxed or e-mailed, and management privileges to limit functionality for certain staff members.

“The way SpaSoft was designed and developed allows for so many possibilities. It’s set up so any property can be successful. If it was complex, we wouldn’t be where we are.”Kenneth Ryan | Senior Director of Global Operations | Marriott Spas

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