Mobile Spa Management with SpaSoft

Enhance service with SpaSoft‘s mobile tools

SMS_spasoft_text_coverSpaSoft’s mobile spa management tools give users tools to serve guests and manage their business on any mobile device.

SpaSoft Mobile provides an overview of spa schedules and bookings on any mobile device.

Therapists can utilize this application to view details of their upcoming appointments. Helpful icons provide additional information on each guest. Any notes on the reservation are available on SpaSoft Mobile. When paired with the SpaSoft Wellness application, therapists can also access guest intake forms from their mobile device.

Reduce paperwork, improve record keeping and save time with SpaSoft’s integrated online intake form application, SpaSoft Wellness. Developed to help spas streamline guest service while reducing paperwork, SpaSoft Wellness allows guests to complete electronic intake forms on any web-enabled device. Guests can review their contact information, preferences, and applicable wellness information. In addition, SpaSoft Wellness can present spa terms and conditions for acceptance and confirmation

Take your guest service to a whole new level. With the ease and convenience of an web-based, mobile friendly app, your staff can now access the information they need to provide top guest service anywhere they are.

The benefits of mobile spa management with SpaSoft include:

  • View appointment details and notes from any mobile device
  • Easily identify key appointment details with visible icons
  • Customizable user interface
  • Same sign-on credentials as SpaSoft for easy access and centralized user management
  • Store guest intake forms electronically
  • View appointments and essential information quickly and easily
  • Read SpaSoft notes
  • Customize your guest forms for completion on the iPad
  • Pair with SpaSoft Wellness to view electronic intake forms attached to appointments

SpaSoft‘s mobile tools are easy to use. They are customizable to reflect the branding of your spa. Deploying SpaSoft‘s mobile tools will help lower costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve guest service to help meet the expectations of today’s connected guest.

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