Resource Management

A Hands-On Approach — Better Manage Service Providers, Facilities and Equipment

As spas continue to offer an increasingly diverse set of services, it’s more important than ever to manage your resources wisely. SpaSoft‘s impressive roster of features offers you a myriad of options to maximize usage of your providers, facilities and equipment. By tracking what services can be provided or utilized by each of the resources, you can manage your resource schedules and qualifications to better upsell their capabilities.

The Staff and Staff Check-In module makes your staff schedules, staff notes and payroll reporting more accessible. Staff commission structures can be calculated for a variety of schemes including percentage, flat dollar, activities performed, and retail items sold.

The SpaSoft Spa Management System also helps you calculate gratuities and commissions based on percentage, flat dollar, activities performed and retail items sold.

“There are many spa management systems available, but SpaSoft offered us the best tools to effectively manage our large spa, unique service menu and extensive resources.”Jenna Grelle Laramee | Director of Spa & Fitness | Carillon Hotel & Spa

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