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The Most Secure Payment Processing for Spas

The spa management system lies at the core of your operations, handling countless credit card transactions each day. While volume is good for your bottom line, each swipe carries the risk of a potentially crippling data breach. SpaSoft Spa and Activity Management System protects you and your guests with a truly secure payment processing system that makes it easy to receive payments and impossible for hackers to steal cardholder data from your spa management system – BECAUSE IT’S NEVER IN YOUR SYSTEM.

Check-In to the Ultimate in Secure Payment Processing – Eliminate Cardholder Data from SpaSoft

Springer-Miller has partnered with industry leaders  to introduce a unique system that encrypts cardholder data at the point of entry so it never touches your spa management system. The result is a system that provides you with:

  • Truly Secure Payments – Provide maximum protection of your guest’s financial identity.
  • Simplified Processing – Minimize the complexity and burden of PCI-DSS.
  • Reduced Liability & Costs – Streamline payments and stop worrying about data theft.

SpaSoft eliminates the worry of data theft for hospitality providers by combining best-in-class tokenization and point-to-point encryption solutions from the most trusted names in secure payment processing.

SpaSoft’s Secure Payment Partners Include:

Point-to-Point Encryption Meets Tokenization

Our integrated solution uses tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to strip sensitive cardholder data from payments at the point of entry so you avoid the liability of storing your guest’s financial information. Cardholder data cannot be intercepted or stolen from your system because it’s never in your system.

Instead, payments are immediately encrypted, sent onward for authorization and returned as secure tokens. This provides a transactional link to each payment without the tie to your guest’s financial information. The result is a system that reduces your costs and PCI-compliance burden, while providing maximum security.

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